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Southall street Photography workshop

Street Photography participants came with a diverse range of skills and experience and included current and former UAL students, members of the local community as well as participants who travelled into Southall for the first time from other parts of London. The workshop focused on the process and practice of street photography, with an emphasis on building confidence, as well as using photography to reflect on the ways in which Southall’s high street has been shaped, over many years, by migration. The workshop was followed up with a virtual session where work was shared, critiqued and contextualised, particularly by looking at the work of photographer Dennis Morris, who is renowned for a seminal body of photographic work produced in the 1970s centred on the South Asian diaspora in Southall.

After the workshop, some of the photographers visited the Gurudwara on Havelock Road and had langar (a communal meal) for the first time.

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